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  1. Conducts price canvassing of needed supplies and materials
  2. Keep records of all government properties and equipment’s
  3. Conducts periodic inventories on existing government properties, supplies and materials
  4. Investigates and Report on damages to property and materials and recommends Action
  5. Issues and acknowledgement receipts of equipment (ARE) o accountable officials or employees
  6. Check on transfer of property and equipment’s between municipal departments and units
  7. Collate an update prevailing prices, shipping, rentals and other cost of supplies and other items commonly used by the Municipality
  8. Register all vehicles of the Municipality at the LTO and insure the same at the GSIS
  9. Supervise the motor pool operation, making sure that the service vehicles are in good running condition, responsible in the repair and maintenance, in change of assigning service vehicles with approve travel order and manage the allotted petroleum and oil consumption per vehicle
  10. To classify, store, retrieve, secure, track and archive records of properties (PPE, land, building, vehicles and other machineries) owned by the Municipality.
  11. Establish a proper identification and classification of unserviceable properties in accordance with existing commission on audit regulation to disposal.

Supply Unit