• Marterlisting/Updates of Farmers (2 cropping seasons per year)
  • Rice Management Assistance thru Rice Crop Manager (RCM)
  • Rice Productivity/Extension Works thru Farmer Field School (FFS)
  • Rice Seed Distribution (Hybrid Rice/Inbred Rice)
  • Research/Techno-demo on Varietal Trials and crop suitability
  • Rice Hybridization program thru model farms
  • Fertility Mapping thru gathering soil samples
  • Distribution of Fertilizers and Ameliorants


  • Conduct Farmer Scientist Technology Program (FSTP)
  • Corn seed distribution to bonafide corn farmers (Hybrid and Conventional)
  • Promotion and expansion of corn program as primary and alternative crop.

Animal Development


  • Artificial Insemination (A.I.) services for large animals
  • Vet Health Program for Large Animals (Cattle and Carabao) – includes deworming, vitamins, cure of diseases.
  • Farm Business School trainings for goat production.
  • Dispersal Program for swine and cattle.
  • PAIWI program for Dairy Buffalo

Animal Safety:

  • Vaccination of Anti-rabies municipal wide


  • Distribution of Seeds and Seedlings (Vegetable and fruit trees)
  • Trainings for Vegetable and other Commercial Crops.


  • Distribution of Fingerlings
  • Monitoring and development program for fishery

Other Programs:

  • Promotion and development of Organic Agriculture
  • Promotion of Agri/Farm Tourism
  • Promotion and development of local products and agricultural industry