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(1) Formulate measures for the approval of the sanggunian and provide technical assistance and support to the mayor, as the case may be, in carrying out measures to ensure the delivery of basic services and provision of adequate facilities relative to social welfare and development services as provided for under Section 17 of this Code;

(2) Develop plans and strategies and upon approval thereof by the  mayor, as the case may be, implement the same particularly those which have to do with social welfare programs and projects which the mayor is empowered to implement and which the sanggunian is empowered to provide for under this Code;

(3) In addition to the foregoing duties, the social welfare and development officer shall:chanrobles virtual law library

(i) Identify the basic needs of the needy, the disadvantaged and the impoverished and develop and implement appropriate measures to alleviate their problems and improve their living conditions;

(ii) Provide relief and appropriate crisis intervention for victims of abuse and exploitation and recommend appropriate measures to deter further abuse and exploitation;

(iii) Assist the mayor, as the case may be, in implementing the barangay level program for the total development and protection of children up to six (6) years of age;

(iv) Facilitate the implementation of welfare programs for the disabled, elderly, and victims of drug addiction, the rehabilitation of prisoners and parolees, the prevention of juvenile delinquency and such other activities which would eliminate or minimize the ill-effects of poverty;

(v)  Initiate and support youth welfare programs that will enhance the role of the youth in nation-building;

(vi   Coordinate with government agencies and non- governmental organizations which have for their purpose the promotion and the protection of all needy, disadvantaged, underprivileged or impoverished groups or individuals, particularly those identified to be vulnerable and high-risk to exploitation, abuse and neglect;

(4) Be in the frontline of service delivery, particularly those which have to do with immediate relief during and assistance in the aftermath of man-made and natural disaster and natural calamities;

(5) Recommend to the sanggunian and advise the mayor, as the case may be, on all other matters related to social welfare and development services which will improve the livelihood and living conditions of the inhabitants; and cralaw

(c) Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.