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  1. Municipal Nutrition Action officer shall be designated to serve as the lead person in carrying out the nutrition program.
  2. Coordinates the overall implementation and the management of the local nutrition program.
  3. With the cooperation of Municipal Nutrition Council, it shall be institutionalized to oversee the nutrition program of the Municipality for the following functions:
    a. Prepare the Municipal Nutrition Action Plan.
    b. Implement, supervise and monitor the implementation of the Municipal Action Plan.
    c. Implement the Municipal nutrition activities.
    d. The MNAO conduct periodic field visit and meetings with Barangay Nutrition Scholars and Barangay Nutrition Council to assess the progress of the program implementation and formulate the evaluation system.
    e. Serve as a resource group of the Barangay Nutrition Action program.
    f. The MNAO conducts meetings with the Barangay Nutrition Scholars to monitor the monthly weighing of children of 0-23 months and 24-71 underweight and severely underweight children.
    g. The MNAO consolidate all the data gathered by BNS which is the OperationTimbang and submit/ report to Municipal Mayor, Municipal Health office, Provincial Health Office to National Nutrition Council.
    h. The MNAO should report the result of the OPT if there is presence of underweight and severely underweight children.
    i. Attend all seminars and trainings with regards to nutrition program for improvement of nutritional status of children in the municipality and barangay thereof.