1. OUT-PATIENT MEDICAL CONSULTATION – This provides medical assistance to any individual who needs medical attention. This aims to diagnose, treat illnesses and provide appropriate medical assistance.
  2. CHILD-CARE (IMMUNIZATION) SERVICES– to provide protection to children against various diseases to prevent morbidity and mortality through immunization based on the Expanded Program of Immunization (EPI). This service is offered in different Barangay Health Stations.
  3. CHILD HEALTH AND NUTRITION – assess and provide services among newborn, such Newborn Screening and to older children to fight and prevent malnutrition.
  4. ADOLESCENT AND YOUTH HEALTH PROGRAM – provides counseling and health educations on health specifically to adolescent and youth age group.
  5. MATERNAL CARE SERVICES – One of the objective of the LGU’s health program, is to provide care services to pregnant, postpartum, and lactating mothers for comprehensive maternal care. This service is offered in all Barangay Health Stations and main health center. Furthermore, the main health center is a DOH and Philhealth accredited BIRTHING Facility and operates 24hrs from Monday to Friday except holidays.
  7. TREATMENT FOR ANIMAL BITES – The Health Center provides appropriate medical services, medicines and vaccines for cases of animal bites particularly in the cases of rabies.
  8. MINOR SURGERY AND CIRCUMCISSION – the Health center provides surgery services for minor cases.
  9. ISSUANCE OF SANITARY PERMITS AND HEALTH CARDS – This services intended for business establishments requiring sanitary permit to operate and to workers requiring health cards.
  10. DENTAL AND ORAL HEALTH SERVICES – Provides dental check-ups and toot-extractions among pre-school children and pregnant mothers.
  11. LABORATORY SERVICES – provides basic low cost laboratory services such CBC and Urinalysis. FREE: Blood Uric Acid, CBG, FBS, Sputum exam, Dengue NS1, Malaria Smear, HIV, Syphilis and Hepatitis B testing, Drug testing.
  12. FREE MEDICINES AND VACCINES – the health center provides basic medications for free such as antibiotics, vitamins, vaccines, maintenance medications for hypertension and diabetes mellitus, Anti-tuberculosis and anti-leprosy drugs.
  13. PRE-MARRIAGE COUNSELING – the office is conducting pre-marriage counseling to marriageable couples according with the PD 965.
  14. ISSUANCE OF MEDICAL CERTIFICATES – This services provides medical certificates for employment, students and other purposes.
  15. MEDICO-LEGAL SERVICES – provides medico-legal examinations and treatments for victims of abuse and accidents.
  16. POSTMORTEM – The retrospective analysis to establish cause of death.
  17. MISTING / SPRAYING OF INSECTICIDE AEROSOLS AGAINST MOSQUITO CAUSING DISEASES – provides spraying of insecticide aerosols to areas or barangays affected by dengue outbreaks or any other diseases caused by mosquitos.
  18. BLOOD DONATION ACTIVITIES “OPLAN DAKILA – Dugong Alay Sa Kababayan Ika’y Laging Aalalayan” – mobilizes and encourage the community to participate and donate blood to save the lives of those in need to be transfused specially people in our own municipality and province.
  19. HEALTH REGULATIONS AND HEALTH FINANCING – our health center is 4-in-1 Philhealth accredited facility where we offer PCB (Primary Care Benefits), MCP (Maternal Care Package), TB and Malaria Package. The LGU also provide free enrollment and assistance to Philhealth especially the senior citizens, pregnant and indigent patients.