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  1. Develop planned and strategies pertaining to environment and natural resources.
  2. Identify, establish, preserve and protect communal forest watersheds and other forest ecosystem and promote private tree plantation and agro-forestry projects.
  3. Promote conservation and protection of all forestlands within the jurisdiction of Municipality of Maria Aurora, Aurora.
  4. Promote and monitor small scale mining (sand and gravel) and utilization of mineral resources in consistent to existing laws and regulations.
  5. Coordinate with other government agencies and non-government organizations in the Implementation of measures to prevent and control land, air and water pollution.
  6. Be in the frontline of the delivery of services particularly in the renewal and rehabilitation of the environment during and in the aftermath of man-made and natural calamities and disasters.
  7. Recommend to the Sanggunian on all matters relative to the protection, conservation, maximum utilization and application of appropriate technology and other matters related to environment and natural resources.
  8. Supervise implementation of Ecological Solid Waste Management Program and maintenance / operation of Maria Aurora Ecological Farm, a Category-1 Sanitary Landfill.

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