Contact Number  :   0998-862-0771
Email Address      :   dcmanacpo@yahoo.com


  1. Take charge in the administration of official personnel action of all municipal officials and employees, such as leaves, promotions, retirements, change of status, performance appraisal ratings and other related personnel matters;
  2. Advise the municipal officials on personnel policy, functions, practices, rules and regulations and problems;
  3. Determine the qualifications standards of all positions, salary grade and salary allocations that are in accordance with those prescribed by the Civil Service Commission, Department of Budget and Management and other agencies of the government concerned;
  4. Recommend to the Mayor the conduct of training and seminars for the upgrading of personnel skills and performances;
  5. Supervise all  personnel and responsible for the updating of personnel records and safekeeping of 201 files of all officials and employees;
  6. Assists in staff training and development; and
  7. Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.