Circumcision (Tuli) and Dental Mission

One of the traditions among Filipinos is that in the Lenten Season (Mahal na Araw) the boys are undergoing a process to become a man, as they say. They have to pass the initiation which is a minor surgery called the circumcision (Tuli). These boys usually accompanied by their mothers and not so often by fathers. They have their operations in the Municipal Health Office were trained nurses assisted by the Municipal Health Officer (Doctor) successfully doing the procedure. Aside from the free circumcision, the office also offers free Dental (Bunot) which is manned by Dra. Lolita Dumayag (Provincial Health Office-Dentist) and her assistant. The mission was successfully conducted and patients were happy because aside from the free operations and free medicines they were also treated by the generous Maria Aurora municipal Mayor Amado M. Geneta with Free Ice cream.

The health personnel and the recipients of the mission in Municipal Health Office Main Health Center, Maria Aurora April 30, 2019